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SKY Elevators is proud to be a part of a very dynamic and fast growing group- Universal Group

We are an ISO 9001-2008 accredited organization manufacturing and exporting widerange of equipments

PETRONAS , short for PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD , is a fully integrated Oil

Drilling Tools & Accessories

  • Drifting & Tunneling Tools.
  • Bench Drilling Tools.
  • Rope Thread Drill Rods.
  • M-Thread Drill Rods.
  • Fully /Partially Carburized Drill Rods.
  • Threaded R/M Thread Button Bits with special features.
  • A Special Taper Rod / Taper Bits.
  • All type of Shank Adaptors.
  • All type of Coupling Sleeve.
  • A Super Max Bits for a special application.
  • All Kind of DTH Bits.
  • Accessory for the different application.

Core Drill

No vibration
No noise
The Solution to break a rock bed

Features & Benefits

  • In case of having a hard time of progressing work process, owing to a civil appeal in the edge city.
  • In breaking a concrete structure.
  • In digging the soil, in public works, in breaking rock bed.
  • Don't have to need any dynamo, thanks to household electricity.


General Description :-

Dust- Pro is an environmental friendly product, helps to reduce environmental pollution and damage to equipments.

While unloading and transferring of materials like coal, iron ore, lime stone, gypsum etc. The work place as well as the ambient air will be polluted with dust. Due to this tremendous amount of dusting, not only there are problems of erosion / wear & tear of pumps, motors, conveyors or other machinery in the premises.But also significant impact on environmental pollution. In order to encounter this type of problems chemical additive Spray systems are commonly used to create a blanketed mist that entraps dust and reduces pollution and damages to equipment.

Application :-

Dust - Pro is a unique blend of environmental friendly ingredients which gives high level of dust suppression specifically for coal dust. Due to its in built dispersing agents the product reduces the surface tension of water and enables creation of a very fine blanketed mist. The fine mist so formed is dense and ensures better entrapment of suspended particulate matter (SPM ) there by the ambient air pollution gets minimized. Application areas are Wagon Tipplers and Conveyors of coal in Power plants, Steel mills, Cement mills, Paper mills etc.

Advantages :-

Environmental friendly
Conservation of water
Instant affectivity
Enhances system efficiency

Typical Properties :-

Appearance : Pale yellow liquid
PH (Neat) : 6.0 - 8.0
Specific gravity at 25C : 0.95 - 1.05

Direction of Use :-

Dust - Pro can be added undiluted to the water tank of the spray system to ensure distribution of the product at all the required areas. Our technical team will help you with the recommendations of the appropriate dosage for each system.

Prospective Customers :-

  • Cement Industries
  • Coal industries
  • Iron ore industries
  • Power plant
  • Other mining industries like copper, bauxite, gypsum.
  • All big project sites

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